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AIM The study of clinical symptoms of gastrointestinal lesions in subjects invaded with cryptosporidia. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1994 to 1997 383 patients with monocryptosporidiasis were observed. 75.7% of them were children. Cryptosporidia oocysts were identified in fecalia using Fulleborn technique. The specimens were stained according to(More)
The oocystic infestation of Cryptosporidia in patients with acute intestinal infections was first registered in Turkmenistan. It was 15.8%, highly affecting children of the first two years of life. The monoinfection is characterized by common severe and critical forms (in 60%) with marked symptoms of diarrhea. Cases of hemocolitis were detected. A large(More)
AIM To study epidemiological characteristics of cryptosporidosis (CS) in conditions of arid climate which contributes to suppression of the immune status of the organism. MATERIAL AND METHODS 1935 patients were treated for acute intestinal infection with watery diarrhea in Ashkhabad hospital in 1994-1999. Monocryptosporidiosis was diagnosed in 511 of(More)
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