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In early 1996, 481 women visiting the antenatal services of the 3 major governmental health centres in the capital city of the Central African Republic (CAR) were included in the study. All study participants underwent the health centre's routine gynaecological examination, including laboratory diagnosis of trichomoniasis, candidiasis, gonorrhoea, syphilis(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe clients, operation and impact of an African public HIV testing and counselling centre. DESIGN AND SETTING Analysis of samples from clients attending the AIDS Information Centre (AIC) in Kampala, Uganda in early 1991. SUBJECTS HIV-1-positive and HIV-negative consecutive clients (250 of each), 86 consecutive couples, and 200(More)
Peripheral blood cholyglycine and procollagen-III-peptide were measured in 22 Zairean patients with hepatomegaly caused by S. mansoni before and after treatment with praziquantel. Circulating T-cell subsets and cutaneous in vivo delayed type hypersensitivity were assessed; serum neopterin and beta 2-microglobulin served as indicators for(More)
Significant numbers of perch, Perca fluviatilis, raised on a pilot fish farm in Switzerland presented focal skin lesions on the lateral sides and fin rot. Mortality rates reached levels of up to 1% of the total fish on the farm per day. Virtually pure cultures of Aeromonas sobria were isolated from the liver, kidney, spleen and skin lesions of affected(More)
The recently discovered releasing factors for ACTH and growth hormone, CRF and GRF, have stimulated our understanding of the hypothalamo-pituitary physiology and pathophysiology. Whereas CRF, a 41 amino-acid residue peptide, seems to be a useful additional tool in the differential diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome, GRF, a 44 amino-acid residue peptide, seems(More)
Twenty-eight Zairean patients with Schistosoma mansoni infection were investigated and treated with praziquantel. Of these, 22 were re-examined 18 months later and 13 were found to be re-infected. Eighteen uninfected Zaireans were monitored concurrently to control for variations unrelated to schistosomiasis. Pathophysiological changes related to liver(More)
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