O. Mohd Nizam

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BACKGROUND Progression of empyema, with the development of fibrinous adhesions and loculations, makes simple drainage difficult or impossible. The appropriate management remains controversial. Intrapleural fibrinolytic treatment to facilitate drainage of loculated empyema instead of open thoracotomy has been advocated since the 1950s. The aim of this study(More)
Penetrating chest injuries are a challenge to the thoracic or trauma surgeon. Penetrating thoracic trauma, especially that due to high-velocity gunshot wounds, is increasing at an alarming rate in our region. We report our experience with penetrating chest injuries mainly due to high-velocity gunshot wounds. During a period of 6 years we retrospectively(More)
Ninety-four children with penetrating chest injuries were treated at Dicle University School of Medicine during a 6-year period. The mean age was 11.51 +/- 3.31 years, and the male:female ratio was 5.25:1. Forty-five had stab wounds, 27 had high-velocity gunshot wounds, 13 had low-velocity gunshot wounds, seven had a bomb (shrapnel) injury, one had a(More)
Sixteen patients were treated for traumatic oesophageal perforation (13 cervical, 3 thoracic) over a 16-year period. In 14 cases the trauma was penetrating. The median delay from injury to treatment was 32 hours and the mean period of hospitalization was 26 days. The treatment procedures were two-layer primary closure with or without drainage, drainage(More)
Thoracic trauma in the elderly population constitutes a major challenge for both thoracic and trauma surgeons as their presentation and outcomes differ from the adult population in addition to their high morbidity and mortality. One hundred and one patients, 60 years of age or older, with thoracic trauma were treated at Dicle University School of Medicine(More)
BACKGROUND Pneumothorax is common and life-threatening clinical condition which may require emergency treatment in Emergency Medicine Departments. OBJECTIVES We aimed to reveal the epidemiological analysis of the patients admitted to the Emergency Department with pneumothorax. MATERIAL AND METHODS This case-control and multi-center study was conducted(More)
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