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The uptake of 14C-labeled D-glucose into the cellular space of human diploid fibroblasts (Flow 2000)--grown to confluency and detached with trypsin-EDTA--was studied using silicone-oil-layerfiltering centrifugation. This method is rapid enough to enable the determination of initial transport rates, which are not complicated by subsequent metabolism of the(More)
By use of a rapid technique, initial rates of D-glucose transport were obtained during the lifespan in vitro of a commercially available strain of human embryo lung fibroblasts (Flow 2000). The apparent Km of the D-glucose carrier did not change during senescence in vitro: x = 1.8 mM (range 1.3-2.3) in phase II, x = 1.8 mM (range 1.5-2.2) in phase III.(More)
Five pigs were treated orally with norfloxacin for 5 consecutive days in two well-separated periods. This was done to determine the lowest dose required to free the pigs of Enterobacteriaceae. In the first period of the study, the animals were treated with 400 mg per day while in the second treatment 800 mg norfloxacin was given. Daily faecal culturing(More)
The toxicity of the chemical radioprotection substance WR 2721 (S-2-(3-aminopropylamino)ethyl-thiophosphate) was examined in 25 beagles. The study showed that the toxicity of the substance increases as the dose gets higher. Between the doses 200 and 250 mg/kg of body weight, the increase of toxicity was significantly greater than could be expected on the(More)
The flow of reticulocytes in the peripheral blood reflects the bone marrow activity and can be used for evaluation of radiation injury. Using an apparatus capable of microfluorometric quantification of reticulocytes in suspension, the peripheral blood reticulocytes of mice exposed to various doses of ionizing radiation were examined. A dose dependent(More)
Injuries, caused by both whole-body irradiation and wounds or burns, have been relatively little studied. Possibly because many investigators think that these injuries are just modified radiation-induced diseases for which the same treatment principles are valid. Other authors had the impression that, for instance, the radiation burn trauma is a new kind of(More)