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Intramuscular (IM) recordings are often used in nerve conduction studies involving deep or proximal muscles and in other electrodiagnostic tests. Little is known of how various needle electrode configurations and placements influence the characteristics of the evoked responses and their clinical interpretation. The present set of investigations sought to(More)
The Hoffmann (H) reflex was measured from a grid of 31 locations on the calves of 20 healthy volunteers. In 17 cases the maximum amplitude of response was found at a site more distal than at the conventional midcalf recording location. Three quarters of the distance between the popliteal crease and the flare of the medial malleolus, the waveform was found(More)
Medical management of the agitation associated with acquired brain injury (ABI) has been proble matic. At least 12 distinct drugs are currently recommended in the medical literature. In recent years, on the ABI in-patient rehabilitation unit, methotrimeprazine (MTZ) has come to be the preferred drug and is used routinely for effective treatment of(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the rehabilitation potential of patients undergoing amputation for vascular disease. A total of 101 patients were studied with a mean age of 69 +/- 14 years, 26 of whom were over age 80. Operative indications were gangrene or ulceration in 80% with rest pain in 20%. Eighteen patients were bilateral amputees. Fifty per(More)
  • O Maryniak
  • Canadian Medical Association journal
  • 1984
Severe weakness in the limbs developed in a young woman 3 1/2 months after successful gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity. Electromyography confirmed the clinical impression of generalized axonal polyneuropathy. Vitamin B replacement therapy was started. The gastric bypass was not reversed, and the patient continued to lose weight while undergoing(More)
  • O Maryniak
  • Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • 1982
Findings on consecutive CO2 cystometry in 57 myelodysplastic children are reported. Twenty-six children had autonomous bladders and twenty had reflex bladders. Boys were equally distributed among the 2 common bladder types but girls were found to be predominantly in the autonomous bladder group. Different ancillary parameters were determined such as(More)
This study was designed to elucidate the role of different muscles of the posterior compartment of the lower leg in the generation of the surface-recorded H-reflex. H-reflexes were evoked through percutaneous stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve and recorded concurrently, using monopolar electrodes from the soleus (SOL), medial and lateral gastrocnemii(More)
The World Health Organization has promoted the concept of community-based rehabilitation as a means of fulfilling the needs of disabled persons in their home environment, and at the same time decreasing the costs of tertiary rehabilitative care. This paper reports on the 10-year experience of a village rehabilitation hospital in rural Ukraine. The hospital(More)