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Laser scanning technology is one of the most integral parts of today's scientific research, manufacturing, defense, and biomedicine. In many applications, high-speed scanning capability is essential for scanning a large area in a short time and multi-dimensional sensing of moving objects and dynamical processes with fine temporal resolution. Unfortunately,(More)
Because of their very large integration capabilities and continuous scaling, the CMOS devices are the basic element in the current-integrated circuits. Their scaling up to sub-micrometric scale presents advantages like diminution of power consumption, faster devices and a larger level of integration. But the physics limitations begin to be important at(More)
Studying time-dependent behavior in lasers is analytically difficult due to the saturating nonlinearity inherent in the Maxwell-Bloch equations and numerically demanding because of the computational resources needed to discretize both time and space in conventional finite-difference time-domain approaches. We describe here an efficient spectral method to(More)
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