O. M. Oleinikova

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Recent data upon molecular mechanisms of pleiotropic action of estrogens in human brain is presented in the article. Given detailed descriptions of properties of classical and membrane bound estradiol receptors, that maintain gene expression regulation, modulation of neurotransmittent systems and signal cascade activation in neuronal cells. Data upon(More)
The study aimed at modification of co-herent analysis (CA), as a mathematical method for EEG data processing for objective evaluation of bioelectric brain activity spatial organization in women with epilepsy and secondary amenorrhea of central genesis. One hundred sixty one women (30 with epilepsy, 116 with amenorrhea and 115 controls aged 15 to 41 years)(More)
The efficiency and safety of tenoten for anxiety and depression disorders in epileptics has been demonstrated. The drug does not change the incidence and severity of epileptic episodes, does not deteriorate the course of the underlying disease, and can be well combined with anticonvulsants. The results indicate the effi ciency of tenoten used to arrest the(More)
A study included 163 patients with focal cryptogenic and symptomatic forms of epilepsy and 47 sex- and age-matched controls. Disturbances of autochronometry in epileptic patients were studied with regard to character, duration, severity, seasonality of seizures and localization of pathological activity in EEG. The elongation of internal count of(More)
Natural antitumor resistance of cancer patients and healthy subjects was studied on the basis of whole blood natural cytotoxicity (WBNC) assay. A correlation between WBNC and mononuclear leukocyte cytotoxic activity in healthy donors was established (r = 0.912; p less than 0.001). WBNC levels in colonic, breast and gastric cancer patients were decreased as(More)
Single and long-term per os administration of verapamil, a calcium antagonist, changes the thymidine content of nonirradiated mouse blood. The changes observed depend upon verapamil concentration in the blood. The postirradiation thymidinemia level is the lowest in animals exposed at the time when the thymidine content was minimized by the agent(More)
To identify correlates of epilepsy development in patients after brain injury, the authors carried out a comparative assessment of the spatial organization of brain electrical activity in patients with consequences of closed craniocerebral injury without epilepsy (53 patients) and in patients with post-traumatic epilepsy (43 patients). A control group(More)
Modern data on molecular mechanisms underlying intracerebral pleutropic action ofgestagens (progesterone, its metabolites, and synthetic gestagens) are reviewed. Properties of classical and membrane-bound progesterone receptors involved in regulation of gene expression, modulation of neurotransmitter systems, and activation of signal cascades in neurons are(More)
The effect of the epiphysis hormone melatonin on the brain bioelectrical activity is understudied: the data of experimental and clinical studies of melatonin effects are inconclusive and related mostly to exogenous administration. We studied 43 patients with focal epilepsy, 25 patients with cryptogenic epilepsy and 18 with symptomatic epilepsy.(More)