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The effect of steady magnetic fields (ranging from 0 to 280 mT) has been investigated on the kinetics of non-enzymatic lipid peroxidation occurring in a model system consisting of liposomes obtained from 1, 2-dioleoylphosphatidylcholine by oxygen consumption. The process was found to be accelerated by weak steady magnetic fields. A computer simulation(More)
Determining iron content of target organs, blood and serum through magnetographic methods enables to reveal excessive intake of exogenous iron. Increased iron level could result in some diseases and aging, therefore the presented method determining iron becomes quite topical.
Medication Berlition 300 oral, produced by "Berlin-Hemie", induces lower serum iron content, decrease in transferrin content of whole blood and serum proportionally to increased urinary iron excretion and lower serum bilirubin and normalizes serum glucose level. Berlition 300 oral, lipoic acid preparation made by "Berlin-He mie" (Menarini group), could be(More)
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