O M Abdelnur

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The distribution of onchocerciasis and its vectors in Sudan has been reviewed with special emphasis on the hyperendemic foci where there is serious visual handicap caused by the disease. These blinding foci lie primarily in the south-west of the country, along the rivers flowing north and east from the borders with Central African Republic and Zaire, though(More)
Over a two year period, onchocerciasis vector biting and transmission rates were recorded from 11 sites within a 40 km radius of Wau, in the Bahr El Ghazal Region of South-Western Sudan. These data provide the baseline on which the efficacy of localized vector control in the third year of the study, has been assessed (Baker and Abdelnur 1986). During 1018(More)
Onchocerciasis vector breeding along 41 km of the Bussere River in the Wau Area of South-Western Sudan was controlled with temephos (Abate) insecticide for one annual transmission period. Vector biting and transmission was compared to the two years of precontrol data. Up to 70% reductions in vector biting and 80% reductions in transmission were recorded at(More)
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