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We examined the influence of focal cerebellar lesions on working memory (n-back task), gait, and the interaction between working memory and different gait tasks in a dual-task paradigm. The analysis included 17 young patients with chronic focal lesions after cerebellar tumor resection and 17 age-matched controls. Patients have shown mild to moderate ataxia.(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate 7 Tesla time-of-flight (TOF) magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) in comparison to 1.5 Tesla TOF MRA and 7 Tesla non-contrast enhanced magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition gradient-echo (MPRAGE) for delineation of unruptured intracranial aneurysms (UIA). MATERIAL AND METHODS Sixteen neurosurgical patients (male n = 5,(More)
OBJECTIVE Neuromodulation has been recognized as a valuable surgical treatment option for patients with refractory chronic cluster headache (CCH). Due to the small number of afflicted individuals, the knowledge about this specific therapy is limited. In this study, we present our experiences with bilateral occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) in patients with(More)
It is widely accepted that action and perception in humans functionally interact on multiple levels. Moreover, areas originally suggested to be predominantly motor-related, as the cerebellum, are also involved in action observation. However, as yet, few studies provided unequivocal evidence that the cerebellum is involved in the action perception coupling(More)
BACKGROUND Myofibrillar myopathies (MFM) are a group of phenotypically and genetically heterogeneous neuromuscular disorders, which are characterized by protein aggregations in muscle fibres and can be associated with multisystemic involvement. METHODS We screened a large cohort of 38 index patients with MFM for mutations in the nine thus far known(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) is mainly a disorder of endothelial cells. Although the endothelial function of CCM genes has been characterized in familial CCMs, little attention has been paid to the pathological alterations of the endothelium in sporadic CCMs. OBJECTIVE We assumed that the endothelia derived from sporadic CCMs present(More)
Alterations of the intracellular ubiquitin–proteasome pathway are found in neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system, as well as in its malignancies. Inhibitory substrates of the proteasomes represent promising approaches to control autoimmune inflammations and induction of apoptosis in cancer cells. Extracellular(More)
As yet, human cerebellar lesion studies have not taken advantage of direct magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the cerebellar nuclei in individual patients. In the present study, susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) was used to visualize lesions of the dentate nuclei in patients with chronic focal lesions. Fifteen patients with cerebellar lesions either(More)
Studies of cerebellar patients employing modern lesion-symptom mapping techniques have provided valuable insights into the contribution of the cerebellum to motor adaptation. In patients with chronic focal lesions of the cerebellum, the process of adapting reaching movements to force field (FF) and visuomotor rotation (VM) perturbations relies on different(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Geometrical distortion is a well-known problem in structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), leading to pixel shifts with variations up to several millimeters. Because the main factors of geometrical distortion are proportional to B(0), MRI spatial encoding distortions tend to increase with higher magnetic field strength. With the(More)