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A major obstacle to the early diagnosis of language loss and to the assessment of language maintenance efforts is the absence of an easy-to-use psycholinguistic measure of language strength. In this paper, we describe and discuss a body-part naming task being developed as part of the Hawai‘i Assessment of Language Access (HALA) project. This task, like the(More)
The Korean numeral classifier constructions are a good choice to test frequency-based processing because one of the two types of construction (prenominal and postnominal) occurs more often than the other in production, and distributional frequency matters in comprehension. The study conducted an experiment with a self-paced reading task. Findings showed(More)
The notes and articles in this series are progress reports on work being carried on by students and faculty in the Department. Because these papers are not finished products, readers are asked not to cite from them without noting their preliminary nature. The authors welcome any comments and suggestions that readers might offer.  ON-SOON LEE This paper(More)
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