O. L. Kurbatova

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Using the 2002 All-Russian population census data, the parameters of differential fertility as a component of natural selection (Crow’s indices) have been calculated for women of seven age cohorts of the seven most numerous ethnic groups of the Republic of Dagestan. It has been shown that in the population of Dagestan in the second half of the 20th century(More)
Based on data collected from urban residents by questionnaire, the basic parameters of the genetic-demographic structure of populations of the three megalopolises, i.e., Moscow, Kharkov, and Minsk, have been calculated, including the migration coefficients and their dynamics in generations, the radius of the cities migration attraction, the parameters of(More)
This review summarizes the results of the long-term studies performed at the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, in the field of genetic demography of migration processes in Russia and its capital. The main population-genetic parameters of migration and their dynamics in Moscow over a hundred years are given. Sociodemographic and(More)
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