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Resumen—PSNR does not always rank quality of an image or video sequence in the same way that a human being. When evaluating coding proposals under specific distortion like compression or packet losses, the use of the PSNR as quality assessment metric does not guaranty the correct interpretation of the performance of the proposed encoders measured in terms(More)
Delivery of video encoded bitstreams in wireless networks is a challenging task due to different factors (node mobility, time-varying wireless channel, etc.) that put in evidence the lack of QoS support for this kind of applications. In particular, we are working with teleoperated mobile robot systems. Our purpose is to perform a study about the behavior of(More)
In this paper a new sign coding approximation method for the wavelet coefficients in a 2D image codec based on a simulated annealing metaheuristic is presented. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm versus a genetic algorithm using benchmarks of Kodak is compared and showing that the proposed sign prediction algorithm is efficient and provides a(More)
Model Driven Architecture (MDA) was born as a standard of Model Driven Development (MDD) to increment the productivity in the software industry. Actually, there exist different models based tools to get an acceptable degree of automation in the applications generation. Many of those tools allow users to build software with high productivity in their(More)
Most recently developed wavelet image emcoders support as native feature an embedded bitrate control that could be useful for applications where obtaining an accurate bitrate is critical. Well-known encoders like JPEG2000 and SPIHT employ embedded coding. However, this feature makes them highly complex, being a serious restriction for certain applications(More)
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