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Waves generated by aerial and subaerial landslides are studied experimentally, theoretically and numerically. A set of experiments are done in a wave tank of 18 m long, 0.65 m wide and 1.5 m deep. Numerical simulations are in good agreement with the experiments. Based on numerical and experimental results, we derive different scaling laws which show a good(More)
Instabilities are common phenomena frequently observed in nature, sometimes leading to unexpected catastrophes and disasters in seemingly normal conditions. One prominent form of instability in a distributed system is its response to a harmonic modulation. Such instability has special names in various branches of physics and is generally known as modulation(More)
The dynamics of surface gravity water waves can be described by the self-defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation. Recent observations of black solitons on the surface of water confirmed its validity for finite, below critical depth. The black soliton is a limiting case of a family of gray soliton solutions with finite amplitude depressions. Here, we(More)
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We propose a numerical and an experimental study of an invisibility carpet for linear water waves. In the first part, we introduce the concept of an invisibility carpet in the case of linear water waves and apply this concept for a bounded problem: a wavetank. In the second part, we study a simpler case where we attempt to render invisible a vertical(More)
We present the first ever observation of dark solitons on the surface of water. It takes the form of an amplitude drop of the carrier wave which does not change shape in propagation. The shape and width of the soliton depend on the water depth, carrier frequency, and the amplitude of the background wave. The experimental data taken in a water tank show an(More)
A. Chabchoub1,∗, O. Kimmoun, H. Branger, N. Hoffmann, D. Proment, M. Onorato, and N. Akhmediev 1 Mechanics and Ocean Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology, 21073 Hamburg, Germany∗ 2 École Centrale Marseille, 13013 Marseille, France 3 IRPHE, UMR 7342, CNRS, AMU Aix Marseille Université, 13013 Marseille, France 4 Dipartimento di Fisica, Università(More)
The generation of focalized wave packets is studied both experimentally and numerically. The experimental campaign is carried out in the wave flume of Ecole Centrale Marseille. The purpose is to experimentally generate the focalisation of wave close to a vertical wall thus yielding a database for numerical tools. Two numerical approaches are investigated.(More)
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