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Seven healthy volunteers and 3 hospitalized patients were given the same diet for 6 days. The mean intake of cholesterol was 359 mg/day. There was a large difference in the fecal amount of cholesterol and coprostanol among the subjects. The ratio of coprostanol/cholesterol ranged from 0.01 to 4.27. The subjects whose feces contained smaller amount of(More)
BACKGROUND Addition of adenosine to cardioplegic fluid has been shown to improve myocardial tolerance to ischemia. This study was designed to investigate further this phenomenon to evaluate the dose-response and the temperature dependence of the effect of addition of adenosine to St. Thomas' Hospital cardioplegic solution. METHODS The isolated working rat(More)
The University of Wisconsin solution differs from other types of solutions used for organ preservation because it contains high-energy phosphate precursors (adenosine and phosphate), impermeants (lactobionate and raffinose), an oncotic agent (pentafraction), and antioxidants (allopurinol and glutathione). These components have the potential to enhance the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of reperfusion with adenosine after prolonged cardioplegic arrest in the isolated working rat heart. DESIGN After 3 h or hypothermic (20 degrees C) ischaemic arrest with multidose (every 30 min) infusions of St Thomas's Hospital cardioplegic solution No 1, rat hearts were reperfused with(More)
Operative risk factors and postoperative late results were evaluated in 26 patients undergoing pulmonary artery reconstruction with a substitute valve. Seventeen extracardiac conduits bearing a valve were used in 16 patients and an in situ pulmonary valve insertion was carried out in the other 10. The surgical results were influenced by complexity of the(More)
In recent years, recording of color still images into magneto-optical video disks has been increasingly used as a method for recording electronic endoscopic images. In this case, image compression is often used to reduce the volume and cost of recording media and also to minimize the time required for image recording and playback. With this in mind, we(More)