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Using the Millar Microtransducer system urodynamic measurements were made before and 1 year after 100 operations for urinary stress incontinence. Seventy-eight of the 100 patients were completely continent 1 year after surgery. The results were compared to the findings in 44 normal women. The urodynamic data obtained little relation to the clinical findings(More)
The perinatal mortality and morbidity of 303 breech deliveries was investigated. In 80 newborn the acidosis (pH less than 7.20) was due to positional variations such as footling, knee and mixed breech presentations in vaginal deliveries. Our results are incorporated in a new concept of triage which permits continuing vaginal breech deliveries as a(More)
In 310 individuals (165 men and 145 women) significant pathological processes were exluded by reference to the patient's history, by physical investigation and by detailed laboratory tests (clinical chemistry, hematological cytology and most important coagulation analyses). Hematological laboratory values were then evaluated for age and sex differences, and(More)
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