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Story-based contents (e.g., novel, movies, and computer games) have been dynamically transformed into various media. In this environment, the contents are not complete in themselves, but closely connected with each other. Also, they are not simply transformed form a medium to other media, but expanding their stories. It is called as a transmedia(More)
Movie summarization focuses on providing as much information as possible for shorter movie clips while still keeping the content of the original movie and presenting a faster way for the audience to understand the movie. In this paper, we propose a novel method to summarize a movie based on character network analysis and the appearance of protagonist and(More)
It is important to understand the stories from narrative mul-timedia contents (e.g., movies), and to exploit the stories for smart services (e.g., video summarization and personalized multimedia recommendation). In this paper, we extend CharNet (Character Network) to Af-fective CharNet (Affective Character Network) by annotating emotional relationships(More)
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