O. Jeandupeux

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The temperature-dependent damping of quantum-mechanical interference patterns from surface-state electrons scattering off steps on Ag~111! and Cu~111! has been studied using scanning tunneling microscopy ~STM! and spectroscopy in the temperature range 3.5–178 K. The thermal damping of the electron standing waves is described quantitatively within a simple(More)
Organic thin films and nanostructures have attracted increasing interest for their potential applications in a variety of advanced technologies, including nonlinear optics (NLO), microelectronics, nanotechnology, light emitting devices, field-effect transistors, liquid crystals, sensors, and solar cells (1-7). For many of these applications, the device(More)
Scanning capacitance microscopy and electrostatic force microscopy have been used to characterize commercial semiconductor devices at various stages of the fabrication process. These methods, combined with conventional atomic force microscopy, allow to visualize qualitatively the oxide thickness, the nature of dopants and the exact position of implanted(More)
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