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This supplement includes a collection of papers that aim at estimating the relationship between per capita alcohol consumption and various forms of mortality, including mortality from liver cirrhosis, accidents, suicide, homicide, ischaemic heart disease, and total mortality. The papers apply a uniform methodological protocol, and they are all based on time(More)
AIMS To evaluate the effects of changes in aggregate alcohol consumption on fatal motor vehicle traffic accidents, accidental falls, and other accidents in 14 western European countries after 1950, and to compare traditional beer, wine and spirits countries. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS The countries were sorted into three groups. Gender-specific,(More)
This paper projects the consequences of modifying or eliminating the current national alcohol retail monopolies in Sweden, Norway and Finland as a possible result of those countries' membership in the European Union (EU). First, the authors project absolute alcohol consumption in each country based on different possible changes in alcohol price and(More)
AIM In February 2000, a trial started with Saturday opening of alcohol retail shops in certain parts of Sweden (phase I), and in July 2001, Saturday opening was extended to the whole country (phase II). The aim of this study is to assess the impact of phase II, and to probe previous results regarding phase I. DESIGN Prior to February 2000, all alcohol(More)
  • O J Skog
  • Journal of studies on alcohol
  • 2000
OBJECTIVE To evaluate if a change from over-the-counter to self-service sales of alcoholic beverages in monopoly outlets has an impact on the sales volume. METHOD Fourteen Swedish towns were selected, each having only one state-run monopoly shop selling alcoholic beverages. Seven pairs were formed by matching towns in terms of demographic and economic(More)
An analysis of regional (18 regions) and temporal (1931-89) covariation of suicide rates and indicators of alcohol use and abuse in Portugal is reported. In the time series analysis, a positive relationship was found. An increase in per capita alcohol consumption of one litre is accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the male suicide rate of 1.9 per(More)