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Influence ofecopathogenic environmental (radiation-chemical) factors on activities of superoxiddismutase, catalase and total antioxidative activity (TAA) has been investigated in morphologically and functionally different parts of rat brain. It has been found that reaction of cells in brain cortex, subcortical structures and cerebellum to these factors in(More)
This paper propose a new method of estimation of multiprobe microwave multimeter algorithms precision by mean of accumulation of partial error. The least square solution is used for variance and covariance matrix definition. The weighted coefficient is obtained from algorithms derivatives with respect to intermediate variable. Substituting the expression(More)
The influence of heavy metals salts mix, the most widespread pollutants of Prydnieprovsky region natural reservoirs on animal behavioral reactions, memory processes and total bioelectric activity of various brain departments has been investigated. It was revealed that heavy metals consumption with drinking water results in the development of the(More)
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