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Some oligotrophic microorganisms were characterised in terms of their resistance against a broad spectrum of antibiotics and certain dynamic parameters of membranes obtained by analysing the EPR and NMR spectra. The oligotrophic bacteria differed in these characteristics from eutrophic microorganisms. The oligotrophic bacteria were subdivided into 3-4(More)
Antibiotic resistance spectra of a large group of oligotrophic and eutrophic bacteria from the open soil and aquatic ecosystems were studied. It was shown that sometimes antibiotic resistance of the oligotrophs was of plasmid nature. A possible transfer of plasmid antibiotic resistance from oligotrophs to pathogenic eutrophic soil and aquatic bacteria in(More)
DNA double-strand break repair and restoration of viability in X-irradiated diploid yeast cells homozygous for rad50, rad51, rad52, rad55 mutations were studies under conditions of keeping the cells in non-nutrient medium, after irradiation. All the cells were synchronized at the G1 stage of the cell cycle. In contrast to the wild-type yeast, this group of(More)
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