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The rate of endogenous respiration of the cells of Anabaena variabilis in the mineral medium in the darkness decreases gradually during 30 to 40 days and is then maintained at a low level. The rate of oxygen uptake was the same in the cells grown in aerobic and anaerobic conditions in the darkness. The ability for oxygen evolution in the light is maintained(More)
Active petroleum-oxidizing bacteria of the USSR arctic seas are represented by Mycobacterium mucosum (non-colored), Mycobacterium phlei and Mycobacterium brevicale (red-orange) which inhabit the Yenisei Bay, the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea. Vertical distribution of the petroleum-oxidizing mycobacteria is characterized by substitution of non-coloured forms(More)
The content of ATP in the cells of Anabaena variabilis does not change during one day in the darkness as compared to that in the cells grown in the light, this suggesting the endogenous energy reserve of the cell. The level of ATP gradually decreases when the cells are incubated in the darkness during 25 days, but does not reach zero. The content of ATP(More)
The incidence of hydrocarbon-oxidizing microorganisms in water was determined by the method of plating on solid media. Vertical distribution of hydrocarbon-oxidizing microflora was different near the shore and in the open ocean; the incidence of the microorganisms was low in the surface water layer but increased at depths of 25 and 75 m in the open ocean in(More)
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