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A study is presented of the main microcirculation values in comparison with systemic hemodynamics in patients with chronic circulatory insufficiency under the effect of complex therapy with dilanacin + corinfar and clift + corinfar. It was established that calcium antagonists reduce postloads and, thus, facilitate the cardiac work in overcoming general(More)
A moderate elevation of the daily excretion of free noradrenaline and adrenalin is observed in chronic circulatory insufficiency, beginning with Stage IIA. The catecholamines metabolism is elevated, as shown by the daily excretion of normethanpherine and methanpherine and of vanillyl-mandelic acid. The activity of renin and angiotensinases was growing along(More)
The prostaglandin-thromboxane system, platelet hemostasis and central hemodynamics were evaluated in 51 patients with heart failure-complicated acute myocardial infarction during aspirin, roxicam and basic (nitrates + cardiac glycosides + diuretics) therapies. The new non-steroidal antiinflammatory agent roxicam was shown to selectively inhibit thromboxane,(More)
The article deals with electro-kinetic potential of cellular nucleus considered as an indicator of unspecific reactivity and presents some data on molecular and cellular mechanisms of adreno- and muscarino-receptive interactions, such as adrenalin, noradrenaline and DOPA blood levels, lipid peroxidation, erythrocyte resistance to peroxidation. The attempt(More)