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CONTENTS Foreword xv Preface to the English edition xvii Preface xix Introduction xxiii Notation of the main forms of fractional integrals and derivatives xxv Brief historical outline xxvii Chapter 1 — Fractional Integrals and Derivatives on an Interval 1 §1. Preliminaries 1 1.1. The spaces H x and H x (p) , 1 1.2. The spaces L p and L p (p) 7 1.3. Some(More)
The most voluminous bibliography of the analytical methods for calculating of integrals is represented in the article [19]. It is shown there that the most effective and the simplest algorithm of analytical integration was made by O.I. Marichev [8, 9, 12]. Later it was realized in the reference-books [16-18, 20]. This algorithm allows us to calculate(More)
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