O-Hoon Choi

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In this paper, exercise management systems have been introduced, which are generally used to optimize exercise. They create a proper exercise program via an exercise prescription based on the personal physical status of the user. However, exercise programs, generally created at intervals of two weeks to three months, are static and cannot reflect the user's(More)
One important research challenge of current Semantic Web is resolving the interoperability issue across ontologies. The issue is directly related to identifying semantics of resources residing in different domain ontologies. That is, the semantics of a concept in an ontology differs from others according to the modeling style and intuition of the knowledge(More)
To share information on specific domain, the information systems define their own metadata and use it. But metadata mismatch problem must be occurred when we try to share the information among heterogeneous domains. This paper proposes the method for enhancing semantic interoperability among information systems in heterogeneous domain. For this, we define a(More)
In SOA (service oriented architecture) and RTE (real-time enterprise) environment, an assurance of data quality is important. Because we do not assure data accuracy among dynamic clustering data set. Traditional methodology for assuring data quality is data profiling and data auditing. However, that is needed lots of time and cost to analysis of metadata(More)
In ubiquitous computing environment a large number of devices, services and applications that help end-users perform various kinds of tasks. Especially location awareness based on TPO (time-position-occasion) significantly enhances the functionality of ubiquitous computing services and applications. For these, a plethora of different alternative of(More)
In ubiquitous environment, user devices are enabling to connect networks without any restrictions on accessible location. Moreover, ubiquitous environment provides a wide range of contents and services to users by the location throughout wire/wireless communication network. It is an essential technologies which can sense and track present location of users.(More)
Instructor-learner interaction is one of the mostimportant elements in e-learning service environment, but lots of learning management system uses general bulletin board system as Q&A system, thus have many limitations supporting interactions between instructor and learner. In this paper, we identify the problem by analyzing the usage of Q&A system(More)