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The Src homology 2 (SH2)-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase 1, SHP-1, is highly expressed in all hematopoietic cells as well as in many non-hematopoietic cells, particularly in some malignant epithelial cell lines. In hematopoietic cells, SHP-1 negatively regulates multiple cytokine receptor pathways. The precise function and the targets of SHP-1 in(More)
PTP2C (also known as Syp/SH-PTP2/PTPlD) is a soluble protein tyrosine phosphatase present in most cell types. It interacts directly with activated PDGF receptor via its SH2 domains, which results in its phosphorylation on tyrosine residue(s). The phosphorylated PTP2C in turn binds to the SH2 domain of GRB2, serving as an adaptor in the transduction of(More)
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