O. Hartmann

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OBJECT Intellectual impairment is a major concern after treatment of malignant posterior fossa tumors in children. The effects of age at diagnosis and radiotherapy have been widely documented. Little is known, however, about perioperative factors, especially neurological damage to the cerebellum, the role of which in cognition and learning has been recently(More)
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MPI provides a portable message passing interface for many parallel execution platforms but may lead to inefficiencies for some platforms and applications. In this article we show that the performance of both, standard libraries and vendor-specific libraries, can be improved by an orthogonal organization of the processors in 2D or 3D meshes and by(More)
In the process of establishing a methodology for individualized remediation programmes in children treated for cerebellar tumour, this study followed prospectively over 11 years a young child treated for a medulloblastoma at 18 months of age throughout the rehabilitation process. Repeated neuropsychological and academic evaluations evidenced temporary(More)
OBJECT The authors set out to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of preoperative chemotherapy in treating high-risk medulloblastomas. METHODS Between 1997 and 2000, 21 children with high-risk medulloblastomas (M > or = 2 and/or T3b/T4 according to the Chang classification) were treated consecutively in a pilot study. The protocol began with(More)
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