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The hydrolytic activity of fungal originated beta-glucosidase is exploited in several biotechnological processes to increase the rate and extent of saccharification of several cellulosic materials by hydrolyzing the cellobiose which inhibits cellulases. In a previous presentation, we reported the screening and liquid fermentation with Aspergillus niger,(More)
Keratinases can be used for the production of potentially important hydrolyzed proteins and chemicals. This study investigated the keratinolytic activity of Streptomyces sp on keratinaceous materials like wool. High levels of proteolytic and keratinolytic activity were obtained after 96 h of culture when two Streptomyces sp strains were grown on basal(More)
The efficient saccharification of lignocellulosic materials requires the cooperative actions of different cellulase enzyme activities: exoglucanase, endoglucanase, beta-glucosidase, and xylanase. Previous studies with the fungi strains Aureobasidium sp. CHTE-18, Penicillium sp. CH-TE-001, and Aspergillus terreus CH-TE-013, selected mainly because of their(More)
Twenty different strains of filamentous fungi were initially selected for evaluation of cellulolytic activity using a single test in a simple mineral salts culture medium with filter paper as the only carbon source. Those fungi strains that were capable of completely breaking the filter paper strip within 4-8 d were assayed also for antimicrobial action,(More)
The effect of glucose on the alpha-amylase production by Bacillus subtilis ATCC-21556 was studied. Initial glucose concentrations up to 20 g/L were found to be directly proportional to the specific alpha-amylase production in an immobilized-cell batch system, whereas a free-cell batch system presented an inversely proportional relationship with the initial(More)
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