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Functioning and coping of 43 families with children with phenylketonuria (PKU) was investigated. A significant positive correlation was found among perceived family cohesion, dietary adherence associated with metabolic control, and child IQ. Parental education also significantly related to dietary adherence and to higher IQ level in the child. In addition,(More)
Tissue loss due to oral diseases requires the healing and regeneration of tissues of multiple lineages. While stem cells are native to oral tissues, a current major limitation to regeneration is the ability to direct their lineage-specific differentiation. This work utilizes polymeric scaffold systems with spatiotemporally controlled morphogen cues to(More)
Families of 39 moderately mentally retarded children (behaviourally disordered and non-behaviourally disordered) were classified according to the Reiss Card-Sort procedure. Thirty-four out of the 39 families were found to have a faulty family system according to Reiss' typology, distant sensitive or consensus sensitive. Though behaviour disorders in the(More)
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