O. G. Shevchenko

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A series of water-soluble conjugates has been synthesized from polyethylene glycols of various lengths and 4-bromomethyl-2,6-diisobornylphenol. The membrane protective and antioxidant activities of the synthesized products were evaluated on the model of the H2O2-induced hemolysis of erythrocytes. It was shown that the studied conjugates have a significant(More)
The morphologies of two species of Skeletonema Greville from Paris Bay (Russky Island, the Sea of Japan) were studied by light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The examined species were identified as S. grethae and S. japonicum; their occurrence in the seas of Russia was recorded for the first time. Detailed morphological descriptions are(More)
Diatoms of the genus Skeletonema were found in bottle samples of phytoplankton that were collected in Paris Bay (Bosfor-Vostochny Strait, the Sea of Japan) in June–December 2013 at a water temperature of–1.8 to 21.6°C and a salinity of 25.4–33.2‰. Using electron microscopy, we identified the predominant species of the autumn phytoplankton bloom as S.(More)
Neomenthane and isobornane thiol-derived sulfanyl imines were prepared in yields of up to 85%. On the basis of the capacity of the sulfanyl imines obtained to inhibit the H2H2- and AAPH-induced erythrocyte hemolysis and impede the accumulation of secondary products of lipid peroxidation and hemoglobin oxidation, they were shown to display membrane(More)
Two diastereomers of methylpheophorbide a 13(2)-N-n-octyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-isobornyl-5-methylbenzyl)amide were obtained from (+)- and (−)-enantiomers of 2-isobornyl-4-methylphenol. The evaluation of the membrane protective and antioxidant activity of the individual diastereomers on the model of H2O2-induced hemolysis of blood erythrocytes showed that the(More)
The qualitative composition of planktonic microalgae in the Amur River Estuary (in the Sea of Okhotsk) was studied in July 2005, June 2006, and June 2007. The biomass and abundance of phytoplankton were studied for the first time. The average cell density of the microalgae ranged from 194700 to 855100 cells/liter, being higher in 2006 than in 2005 and 2007.(More)
The factors that control the seasonal variability of the concentration of suspended matter, nutrients, dissolved forms of metals and phytoplankton biomass in coastal waters of the eastern part of the Amurskii Bay were determined. It was shown that the runoff of the Razdolnaya River determined the seasonal variability in suspended matter content, values of(More)
The membrane protective and membrane active properties and the antioxidative activity of new semisynthetic antioxidants—isobornylphenols were studied. The presence of oxidant and cytotoxic properties of the compounds were evaluated considering the degree of hemolysis of erythrocytes, either spontaneous or induced by hydrogen peroxide. All the studied(More)
A series of conjugates has been synthesized by the reaction of methylpheophorbide a with ortho-alkylaminomethyl derivatives of 2-isobornyl-4-methylphenol; the terpenophenol fragment in the conjugates is attached to the methylpheophorbide a macrocycle by an amide bond formed upon the amidation of the 13(2)-ester group. A scanning electron microscopy study of(More)
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