O. G. Shcherban

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The integration of inertial and satellite navigation systems based on optimal linear stochastic filtration is characterized by considerable computational costs of synthesized algorithms. The proposed algorithm requires minimum computational effort and enables the efficient use of integrated navigation systems in automotive vehicles.
This paper describes tightly coupled algorithms of measurements by coarse microelectromechanical sensors with data generated by GPS/GLONASS mobile onboard satellite navigation receivers. The synthesized algorithm ensures a highly accurate and high-frequency recording of linear and angular car parameters when the visible satellite constellation degrades and(More)
Formation of bismuth-based high-T<sub>c</sub> superconducting ceramics 2212 and 2223 with partial replacement of Bi by p-elements of group III (Ga, In), IV (Ge, Sn, Pb) or V (Sb) was studied. XRPD, DTA/TG, SEM/EDX, SQUID, and VSM were used for phase identification, structural analysis, grain morphology studies, chemical analysis and magnetic measurements.
The structure of the binary germanide Pr4Ge7 has been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction on a twinned crystal. It is an ordered vacancy derivative of the α-ThSi2 type, Pearson symbol oS44, space group C2221, a = 6.007(2), b = 13.987(4), c = 12.009(4) Å, isotypic to the structure reported earlier for Nd4Ge7. The cell parameters of seven other(More)
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