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The geometry of domains in phospholipid bilayers of binary (1:1) mixtures of synthetic lecithins with a difference in chain length of four methylene groups has been studied by two independent, direct and complementary methods. Grazing incidence diffraction of neutrons provided gel domain sizes of less than 10 nm in both the gel and the coexistence phase of(More)
We explore two main questions. First, can two markets for a company’s shares coexist and, if so, what determines the distribution of trading volume across them? For firms cross-listed in the U.S. we find that in most cases U.S. trading is a significant fraction of total volume, and tends to be larger for companies based in countries that are geographically(More)
A. P. Radliński,1 E. Z. Radlińska,2 M. Agamalian,3 G. D. Wignall,3 P. Lindner,4 and O. G. Randl4 1Australian Geological Survey Organization, GPO Box 378, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601, Australia 2Department of Applied Mathematics, The Australian National University, GPO Box 4, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 0200, Australia 3Solid State(More)
Solving realistic dynamic asset allocation problems remains a challenge. While considerable progress with respect to theoretical insights has been made in the past years using dynamic programming, this technique is hardly applicable to deal with industry problems involving numerous sources of uncertainty and path-dependent variables. An alternative solution(More)
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