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Strong resonant enhancements of the charge-order and spin-order superstructure-diffraction intensities in La1.8Sr0.2NiO4 are observed when x-ray energies in the vicinity of the Ni L2,3 absorption edges are used. The pronounced photon-energy and polarization dependences of these diffraction intensities allow for a critical determination of the local symmetry(More)
In Sr2RuO4 the spin excitation spectrum is dominated by incommensurate fluctuations at q = (0.3 0.3q(z)), which arise from Fermi-surface nesting. We show that upon Ti substitution, known to suppress superconductivity, a short range magnetic order develops with a propagation vector (0.307 0.307 1). In Sr2Ru0.91Ti0.09O4, the ordered moment points along the c(More)
The crystal structure of Ca(2-x)Sr(x)RuO(4) with 0.2 < or = x < or = 1.0 has been studied by diffraction techniques and by high resolution capacitance dilatometry as a function of temperature and magnetic field. Upon cooling in zero magnetic field, the crystal structure and the octahedra shrink along the c direction and elongate in the a and b planes,(More)
We have studied the magnetic excitations in Ca2-xSrxRuO4, x=0.52 and 0.62, which exhibit an anomalously high susceptibility and heavy mass Fermi liquid behavior. Our inelastic neutron scattering experiments reveal strongly enhanced magnetic fluctuations around an incommensurate wave-vector (0.22,0,0) pointing to a magnetic instability. The magnetic(More)
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