O. F. Abdou

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This paper proposes some estimators for the population mean by adapting the estimator in Singh et al. (2008) [5] to the ratio estimators presented in Kadilar and Cingi 2006 [2]. We obtain mean square error (MSE) equation for all proposed estimators, and show that all proposed estimators are always more efficient than ratio estimator in Naik and Gupta (1996)(More)
Ethacrynic acid is a potent oral diuretic and saluretic agent. It has been used extensively in the treatment of heart failure and its effects on cardiovascular dynamics are well established. The clinical relief of the symptoms of pulmonary congestion frequently precedes any demonstrable diuretic effect suggesting that extra renal factors may also be(More)
Therapy with prazosin can improve the condition of patients with congestive heart failure due to its vasodilating action. Therefore nine patients with volume overloaded left ventricles due to aortic insufficiency and mitral insufficiency received 1 mg. of prazosin four times a day for two weeks. Peak and end-systolic wall stress were estimated using a(More)
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