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The approximating properties of artificial neural network for the problem of determination of thickness a layer of layered medium by means of the analysis of reflected impulse electromagnetic fields are considered. The impulse fields are reflected from the model of human body surface. The normal incidence of plane wave with Gaussian time form on the layered(More)
The nonstationary three-dimensional electrodynamic problem is transformed into the problem for one-dimensional evolutionary equations by means of the construction of modal basis for electromagnetic field with arbitrary time dependence. Transient electromagnetic fields in infinite space filled with inhomogeneous in radial direction transient medium without(More)
The impulse fields reflected from layered medium with losses are analyzed by artificial neural network in time domain directly. The normal incidence of plane wave with Gaussian time form on layered medium is considered. The reflected electromagnetic field is obtained by FDTD method. Initial data for neural network are the values of amplitude of electrical(More)
The frequency dependences of effective magnetic permeability of ferrite rods of the grade M400HH in the VHF range have been obtained by measurement in the frequency domain. These rods can be used in pulse UWB receiving antennas to increase sensitivity in the low frequency part of the VHF range.
Non-stationary excitation of six electrical dipoles on a plane that form the correct hexagon is considered. The problem is solved analytically in time domain by the vector potential method. The radiated non-stationary field is compared with the field of one dipole with the same total excitation current and the equivalent length.
The radiation of impulse signal from the open end of a circular waveguide is considered by analytical and direct numerical methods. The radiation of short pulse from the aperture is considered by calculation of special time form of field by means of modal basis method that permits to transform the nonstationary three-dimensional electrodynamic problem into(More)
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