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BACKGROUND The successful use of tacrolimus (Tac)-based immunosuppressive therapy in organ transplantation and our own positive experience in heart transplantation led us to investigate regimens including this agent at our center for lung transplantation. METHODS From 1991 to 1998, 86 patients underwent lung transplants at our center and 78 of them were(More)
OBJECTIVE The performance comparison of the recently introduced European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation II in predicting operative as well as mid-term mortality, with its previous version in patients after combined aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. METHODS This retrospective analysis included 216 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Applying the gender lens to risk factors and outcome after adult cardiac surgery is of major clinical interest, as the inclusion of sex and gender in research design and analysis may guarantee more comprehensive cardiovascular science and may consecutively result in a more effective surgical treatment as well as cost savings in cardiac surgery.(More)
We describe a 30-year-old man with end-stage heart failure after therapy with mitoxantrone for multiple sclerosis. A successful orthotopic heart transplantation was performed when intensified medical therapy failed to improve the patient's hemodynamics. In spite of the severe underlying disease he did well on dual immunosuppression with methylprednisone and(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluates the impact of gender in dialysis-dependent patients undergoing cardiac surgery. METHODS We retrospectively identified 204 dialysis-dependent patients (68.6% male, aged 66.6 ± 9.9 years) with end-stage renal disease undergoing cardiac surgery and compared them to a propensity-score-pair-matched control collective. RESULTS(More)
Objectives This study evaluates midterm survival rates and risk factors for mortality of chronic dialysis-dependent patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Methods Fifty-three dialysis-dependent patients (34 males, aged 67 ± 12 years) with end-stage renal disease operated within March 2007 and May 2012 were analyzed retrospectively. Survival rates were(More)
OBJECTIVES  Despite the superior patency of internal thoracic artery (ITA) grafting compared with saphenous veins, frequency of bilateral ITA (BITA) grafting in Europe is still approximately 10%. The aim of the present study was to compare the early outcome of patients receiving either BITA or single ITA (SITA) grafting. METHODS  A total of 11,496(More)
OBJECTIVES To discuss the dilemma of adequate decision making in patients with intravenous drug abuse and recurrent valve prosthesis infections or in patients with positive HIV or hepatitis C status. Ethical, social, and economic considerations, not only in terms of technical feasibility but also in terms of unpromising results and aspects of resources, are(More)
OBJECTIVES Physical exercise accompanied by arterial hypertension is known to trigger acute aortic dissections. As a booster effect, mental stress leads to aggravation of hypertensive crisis. The aim of the study was to evaluate whether stress factors during sexual intercourse play any role as a catalyst in patients with acute type A aortic dissections.(More)