O. Delgado

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There are no specific treatments for the neurological alterations of cirrhotic patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE). Rats with MHE due to portacaval shunt (PCS) show impaired spatial learning. The underlying mechanisms remain unknown. The aims of this work were to assess: (a) whether PCS rats show neuroinflammation in hippocampus, (b) whether(More)
The eukaryotic translation elongation factor eIF5A is the only protein known to contain the unusual amino acid hypusine which is essential for its biological activity. This post-translational modification is achieved by the sequential action of the enzymes deoxyhypusine synthase (DHS) and deoxyhypusine hydroxylase (DOHH). The crucial molecular function of(More)
Since KDD first appeared the research has been mainly fo-cused on the development of efficient algorithms to extract hidden knowledge. As a result, a lot of systems have been implemented during the last decade. A common feature of these systems is that they either implement a specific algorithm or they are specific for a certain domain. As new algorithms(More)
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