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A entirely new and independent enumeration of the crystallographic space groups is given, based on obtaining the groups as fibrations over the plane crystallographic groups, when this is possible. For the 35 " irreducible " groups for which it is not, an independent method is used that has the advantage of elucidating their subgroup relationships. Each(More)
To facilitate research in comparative genomics, sequencing projects are increasingly aimed at assembling the genomes of closely related organisms. Given two incomplete assemblies of two related genomes, the question arises how to use the similarity of the two sequences to obtain a better ordering and orientation of both assemblies. In this paper, we(More)
Since KDD first appeared the research has been mainly fo-cused on the development of efficient algorithms to extract hidden knowledge. As a result, a lot of systems have been implemented during the last decade. A common feature of these systems is that they either implement a specific algorithm or they are specific for a certain domain. As new algorithms(More)
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