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Recent discoveries of fossil vertebrates from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar include several specimens of a large theropod dinosaur. One specimen includes a nearly complete and exquisitely preserved skull with thickened pneumatic nasals, a median frontal horn, and a dorsal projection on the parietals. The new materials are assigned to the enigmatic(More)
Communication by means of visual signals occurs during the competitive, aggressive and sexual interactions of many animals. Some animals such as fish are able to change their body coloration rapidly, and there is evidence that this is used as a means of signalling. However, the precise meaning of such signals is rarely understood. We examined whether (1)(More)
In previous publications, we reported the benefits of a high-aspect rotating-wall vessel (HARV) over conventional bioreactors for insect-cell cultivation in terms of reduced medium requirements and enhanced longevity. To more fully understand the effects that HARV cultivation has on longevity, the present study characterizes the mode and kinetics of(More)
Temperatures of operative temperature models, particularly those of thick-walled models of larger ectotherms, lag behind and are more restricted in range than the operative temperatures they estimate.Algorithms are provided to extract estimates of instantaneous operative temperatures from model temperatures.A simple deconvolution method can be used when(More)
We consider entropy and relative entropy in field theory and establish relevant monotonicity properties with respect to the couplings. The relative entropy in a field theory with a hierarchy of renormalization-group fixed points ranks the fixed points, the lowest relative entropy being assigned to the highest multicritical point. We argue that as a(More)
The abortive infection system AbiG is encoded by the lactococcal plasmid pCI750. The abiG locus (consisting of two genes, abiGi and abiGii) was examined by Northern blot analysis, revealing two transcripts of approximately 2.8 and 1.5 kb which were homologous to the two gene-specific probes. A transcriptional start site was mapped upstream of abiGi, and it(More)
  • O'Connor
  • Organizational behavior and human decision…
  • 1997
This study examines whether and how accountability to constituents affects the cognitions, performance, and outcomes of team and solo negotiators. Previous findings for solos were replicated here: solo negotiators respond competitively when they are accountable to constituents. For teams, however, accountability pressures were distributed across the members(More)
A biological control strategy relying on a self-disseminating agent may provide the only affordable long-term technique for reducing brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) numbers throughout New Zealand. The objective of this study was to determine the frequency and patterns of social interactions in single and mixed-sex groups of possums, in order to(More)
We analyze a continuous spin Gaussian model on a toroidal triangular lattice with periods L 0 and L 1 where the spins carry a representation of the fundamental group of the torus labeled by phases u 0 and u 1. We find the exact finite size and lattice corrections, to the partition function Z, for arbitrary mass m and phases u i. Summing Z −1/2 over phases(More)