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This paper proposes a normalization scheme for HMM-based text-dependent speaker veri®cation in which the claimed-speaker model score and the background model score are computed for a common alignment made on the speaker-independent model of the password. It is shown that such a normalization preserves some speaker-speci®c information contained in the(More)
The agent of African relapsing fever, Borrelia crocidurae, causes reversible multiple organ damage. We hypothesize that this damage is caused when the spirochete forms aggregate with erythrocytes in vivo, creating rosettes that plug the microcirculatory system. To test this hypothesis, we compared testicular microcirculation over an extended time period in(More)
It is well established that testosterone and neuropeptide Y (NPY), via its Y1 receptor (Y1R), are involved in the central control of the gonadotrope axis in male rats. Here we examined if a similar interaction also occurs in the male peripheral reproductive target organ, the testes. Expression of the Y1R transcript and protein and changes in testicular(More)
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