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BACKGROUND Air pollution contributes to mortality and morbidity. We estimated the impact of outdoor (total) and traffic-related air pollution on public health in Austria, France, and Switzerland. Attributable cases of morbidity and mortality were estimated. METHODS Epidemiology-based exposure-response functions for a 10 microg/m3 increase in particulate(More)
This article studies decisions made under conditions of fear, when a catastrophic outcome is introduced in a lottery. It reports on experimental results and seeks to compare the predictions of the expected utility (EU) framework with those of a new axiomatic treatment of choice under uncertainty that takes explicit account of emotions such as fear(More)
  • P.-H Bono, O Chanel, I Lu, S Luchini, M Teschl, A Trannoy
  • 2009
This paper tests experimentally public deliberation procedures such as voting and "in-ternal reflection" on people's preferences for redistribution depending on how money was earned. Consistent with a number of social justice theories, we set out to find people's preferences for redistribution when they earned their money either through effort,(More)
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