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Thermal comfort is of great importance in chickens to preserve body temperature homeostasis during the growth period and during environmental thermal challenges. Because surface temperatures contribute much to thermal comfort, this research is aimed at studying spatial distribution of surface temperatures of broiler chickens. For this purpose, temperatures(More)
1. Two different methods, categorised as input-output and single output models, were evaluated for slaughter weight prediction of broiler chickens. The input-output models included linear and non-linear recursive modelling with a time-varying model structure, whereas the output models consisted only of empirical growth equations and several growth curve(More)
Growth control in broiler chickens has been proven to be an efficient method to ensure broiler performance and yield and to lessen health problems. The growth control procedure has been tested in literature using a limited amount of animals in experimental facilities. Under these "ideal" circumstances, the birds could follow predefined growth trajectories(More)
Applying altered trajectories in broiler growth control with early feed restriction and a consequent accelerated catch-up growth has been approved to result in a better feed conversion ratio and a reduction in mortality. The properties of the growth trajectory and the resulting time and duration of the feed restriction can be crucial for animal welfare and(More)
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