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Twelve subjects were tested using a 3-tone auditory oddball paradigm consisting of a standard 1000 Hz tone (P = 80%) and two deviants, namely, a 1200 Hz tone and a 2000 Hz tone (both P = 10%). Testing took place in 3 conditions: (1) attend, in which the subject had to count one of the deviant tones; (2) ignore, in which the subject read a book; and (3)(More)
The present study focused on event-related potentials to tones in the presence and absence of sleep spindles. Six undergraduates were studied throughout an experimental night, following an adaptation session. The event-related potentials to tone stimuli were averaged for each subject. Separate averages were determined for trials on which no sleep spindle(More)
The lunar sphere of influence, whose radius is some 66300km, has regions of stable orbits around the Moon and also regions that contain trajectories which, after spending some time around the Moon, escape and are later recaptured by lunar gravity. Both the escape and the capture occur along the Lagrangian equilibrium points L1 and L2. In this study, we(More)
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