O C Sparrow

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Previous reports of intracranial neoplasms from Africa have all shown a very low incidence of acoustic schwannomas (neuromas). In this series a group of 11 cerebellopontine angle solid tumours from black Africans were studied. On conventional histological examination only 3 had the features of a schwannoma. However, by using immunohistochemistry, a further(More)
The results of repair of 18 facial nerves were examined by means of a modified House-Brackmann grading system. Six were repaired by end-to-end anastomosis and 12 by nerve graft. The reliability of the simplified House-Brackmann grading system was also assessed, using the kappa statistic to analyze the agreement between pairs of observers who examined the(More)
Three different types of single-piece ventriculoperitoneal shunts with distal slit-valve control (Codman Unishunt, Codman Unishunt with chambers, and Heyer-Schulte one-piece shunt) in their low- and medium-pressure forms were assessed in the laboratory by both static and dynamic tests. A statistical analysis of variance showed large differences in(More)
The rapidly evolving changes in working patterns, career structure and the regulation of training of doctors have provided an ideal opportunity for proposals to improve the programme for the training of neurosurgeons. The Education and Training Committee of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons (D.G. Hardy, A. J. W. Steers, N. T. Gurusinghe, P. M.(More)
A clinical comparison was made between fibre-optic and fluid-filled Bolt subdural pressure transducers in ventilated head injured patients. Twelve subjects had both devices inserted in neighbouring sites. In two patients there were obvious technical problems with the fibre-optic system and the results were therefore excluded from further analysis. In the(More)
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