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By coupling a single-electron transistor to a high-quality factor, 19.7-megahertz nanomechanical resonator, we demonstrate position detection approaching that set by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle limit. At millikelvin temperatures, position resolution a factor of 4.3 above the quantum limit is achieved and demonstrates the near-ideal performance of(More)
Quantum mechanics demands that the act of measurement must affect the measured object. When a linear amplifier is used to continuously monitor the position of an object, the Heisenberg uncertainty relationship requires that the object be driven by force impulses, called back-action. Here we measure the back-action of a superconducting single-electron(More)
The coupling of mechanical and optical degrees of freedom via radiation pressure has been a subject of early research in the context of gravitational wave detection. Recent experimental advances have allowed studying for the first time the modifications of mechanical dynamics provided by radiation pressure. This paper reviews the consequences of back-action(More)
or to isolate DNA of particular interest based on the initial survey make this a very practical method for examining the genomic content of environmental communities. Burkholderia may be the only well-represented genus of ␤-Proteobacteria, with highly distinctive GC content, whereas there may be many different ␥-Proteobacteria. 10. These putative strains(More)
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