O Burak Esener

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Diclofenac sodium (DS) is used primarily to treat fever and to alleviate pain and inflammation. We investigated the effects of DS exposure during gestation on the testes of rat pups to investigate the safety of its use during the prenatal period. Pregnant rats were separated into control, saline, low dose, medium dose and high dose groups. DS was given(More)
The potential ability of melatonin to protect against impairment of the fetal peripheral nerve system due to maternal consumption of diclofenac sodium (DS) was investigated. Eighty-four pregnant rats were divided into seven groups: control (CONT), saline administered (PS), DS administered (DS), DS with low-dose melatonin administered (DS+MLT10), DS with(More)
Spirulina platensis is a microalga that may be a source of antioxidants that can reduce body fat deposition. Consumption of a high fat diet produces elevated blood lipid levels, inflammation and apoptosis. We investigated the possible effects of S. platensis on the blood lipid profile, and liver inflammation and apoptosis in rats fed a high fat diet.(More)
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