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Research activity in chemical gas sensing is currently directed towards the search for highly selective (bio)chemical layer materials, and to the design of arrays consisting of different partially selective sensors that permit subsequent pattern recognition and multi-component analysis. Simultaneous use of various transduction platforms has been(More)
Integrated permanent magnet microactuators have been fabricated using micromachined polymer magnets. The hard magnetic material utilized is a polymer composite, consisting of magnetically hard ceramic ferrite powder imbedded in a commercial epoxy resin to a volume loading of 80%. The magnets have the form of thin disks approximately 4 mm in diameter and 90(More)
This research is an effort to demonstrate the applicability of miniaturized synthetic jet (microjet) technology to the area of thermal management of microelectronic devices. Synthetic jets are jets which are formed from entrainment and expulsion of the fluid in which they are embedded. Design issues of microjet cooling devices are discussed along with(More)
Related Articles Damping of optomechanical disks resonators vibrating in air Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 242105 (2012) A quantum-mechanical relaxation model J. Appl. Phys. 111, 07D507 (2012) Q-factor control of a microcantilever by mechanical sideband excitation Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 151904 (2011) Novel vibrational resonance in multistable systems Chaos 21,(More)
A new method for eliminating the noise effect in interpreting the measured magnitude transfer characteristic of a resonator, in particular in extracting the Q-factor, is proposed and successfully tested. In this method the noise contribution to the measured power spectral density of resonator is iteratively excluded through a sequence of least-square curve(More)
This work is dedicated to my dear grandmother, who has not only taught me that learning is a lifelong matter, but has also inspired me by being an example herself even at the age of 80. for the help on design and modeling; and all the members of the IMEMS group for creating a collaborative and pleasant atmosphere. Special thanks to all the MiRC Cleanroom(More)
A novel technique is developed to cancel the effect of environmental parameters, e.g., temperature and humidity, in resonant mass sensing. Utilizing a single resonator, the environmental cancellation is achieved by monitoring a pair of resonant overtones and the effective sensed mass in those overtones. As an eminent advantage, especially compared to(More)
Combination of two physical phenomena, capillary pressure gradient and wettability gradient, allows a simple two-step fabrication process that yields a reliable hydrophobic self-cleaning condenser surface. The surface is fabricated with specific microscopic topography and further treatment with a chemically inert low-surface-energy material. This process(More)
Tele-collaboration is a valuable tool that can connect learners at different sites and help them benefit from their respective competences. Albeit many e-learning applications provide a high level of technical sophistication, such tools typically fall short of reflecting the learners' full context, e.g., their presence and awareness. Hence, these(More)
To my parents Kamal, Farzaneh, for their love, endless support and encouragement. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my advisor, Dr. Peter Hesketh for his endless support and guidance during my studies. I am grateful for having him as my advisor for his insight and career advice. I would like to thank the committee(More)