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European Homograft Bank (EHB) has been selecting, preparing, storing and distributing the cryopreserved allograft valves in Belgium and some other European Countries since 1989. It was established in 1988 by a pathologist and the cardiac and vascular surgeons from Belgian and other European centres as an inter-university, international nonprofit(More)
There is an evolutionary trade-off between the resources that a species invests in dispersal versus those invested in reproduction. For many insects, reproductive success in patchily-distributed species can be improved by sibling-mating. In many cases, such strategies correspond to sexual dimorphism, with males–whose reproductive activities can take place(More)
Established in 1989 in Brussels as an international nonprofit association, the European Homograft Bank (EHB) has been collaborating closely with the transplant coordination of the different centers in Belgium and other European countries. Donor selection is made after discussion of exclusion criteria with the transplant coordinator of the procurement(More)
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