O Bartolini

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The mechanisms underlying the defective platelet function in cirrhotic patients were investigated. Eleven cirrhotic patients with mild disease (group 1), 20 patients with severe cirrhosis (group 2), and 31 controls were studied. Platelet aggregation was significantly reduced in cirrhotics compared with controls. Compared with controls, cirrhotic patients in(More)
Cloned rat parathyroid cells (PTr cell line) that produce parathyroid hormone-related peptide plus endothelin 1 and primary cultures of human parathyroid cells were tested for growth and differentiation responses to atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP). High- and low-affinity binding sites for ANP were found on PTr cells; BNP(More)
[125I]Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) was used to identify ANP receptors on a clonal line of bovine bone endothelial (BBE) cells. Specific binding of [125I]ANP was saturable and of high affinity. Computer analysis of the equilibrium binding data indicated that the Scatchard plots are best fit by a straight line (Kd = 69.3 +/- 20.9 pM; binding capacity =(More)
To evaluate the usefulness of the urinary estrone-3-glucuronide (EI-3-G) in the monitoring of the ovarian function in girls, we studied 11 girls with idiopathic central precocious puberty (ICPP) treated with LHRH analogs (LHRHa) for 2-5 years. Plasma LH, FSH, 17-beta-Estradiol (E2) levels, early morning urine (EMU) E1-3-G concentrations, were assessed(More)
It may be possible to recognize different forms of precocious puberty at the first evaluation. In a group of 26 sexually precocious girls we used Bayley-Pinneau predicted adult height (P.A.H.) to discriminate patients with 'poor' or 'good' height prognosis. Patients with evidence of impaired height prognosis (P.A.H. < -1 SDS) (Group 1) were immediately(More)
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