O B Chentsova

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The paper deals with new clinical forms of ophthalmoclamidiosis involving lesions to the choroids, retina, optic nerve and cornea. Uveitis and scleritis were found in 73.5% and 26.5%, respectively. Iridocyclitis and paneveitis prevailed in cases of uveitis. Forty-two patients, aged 3 to 53, were followed up. Bilateral ocular lesions were registered in 67%(More)
The paper gives the methods of plasmapheresis-based extracorporeal exposure to blood and its components to correct hemostatic disorders. Afferent methods, as well as quantum hemotherapy methods are outlined. The immunomodulating mechanism of their action, which favors a prompter elimination of inflammation, increases ocular functions, and reduces(More)
He-Ne laser stimulation was used in multiple-modality treatment of 512 patients with various corneal conditions: 217 with perforating wounds, 75 with chemical and thermal burns, 48 with ulcers of various origins, and 162 with endothelial-epithelial dystrophy resulting from cataract extraction with implantation of the intraocular lens. A course of treatment(More)
A study was carried out of short- and long-term results in treatment of accommodation spasms and myopia of mild and moderate degrees in children with equipment having different operating mechanism. 171 patients aged 6-15 years were examined (30 persons made up a control group). Electrostimulation, laser stimulation and treatment on "Ambliokor" equipment(More)