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A combined histological, histochemical, histoenzymochemical and morphometric study of 42 articular cartilage samples from patients with different degrees of osteoarthrosis (OA) was made. Ten cartilages without pathology taken at autopsy were used as controls. A characteristic feature in case of cartilage destruction by OA is a progressive loss of(More)
In persons 17-83 years of age having no articular disorders 39 samples of the patellar articular cartilage, the articulated surface and the femoral head have been studied histochemically, histometrically and electron microscopically. Age involution of the articular cartilage is revealed after 40 years of age as a progressive decrease in chondrocytes density(More)
The authors analyse the literature data and propose original assumptions on the role of deranged cellular alterations and persistent carriage of viruses in secondary immunodeficiencies. These are suggested to promote the onset of tumor or tumor-like growth by means of compensatory mechanisms of proliferation enhanced in the conditions of local disorder of(More)
The program is tested on the material of 882 autopsy protocols. All parts of clinical and pathology diagnoses were included into the generation of the data base. Automatized analysis allowed to assess main characteristics of the patient material with a histogram demonstration of group statistics according to all positions considered as well as to obtain(More)
The authors presented an analysis of 10 cases of eosinophilic fasciitis (EF): 6 men and 4 women aged 18 to 55. In 4 patients the disease followed excessive physical exercise. Pronounced induration of the limb tissues with the development of flexion contractures, hypereosinophilia prevailed in the clinical picture of the disease, morphology showed a picture(More)
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